How to get a Topolino's Terrace Reservation

How to get a Topolino's Terrace Reservation 

By Urban Tastebud Disney

Topolino's character breakfast and dinner are by far one of the most sought after dining reservations in all of Disney World. Here are five ways to help you snag one...


Search for a specific time.

Never search using the generic "dinner" or "breakfast" search preference.


Search 24/7

Every spare second you have, you should search on the My Disney Experience app for any cancellations.


Join the Walk-Up list

On the My Disney Experience app, attempt to join the walk-up list when nearby or on-property.


Adjust party size

Searching for 3 instead of 4 can sometimes lead to times popping up. Then at check-in, you can add or remove 1 person.


Start search 60 days out

At 6:00 am EST, 60 days out, you can start booking dining reservations. This is your best bet to get one.